“All About Me” bags

Tomorrow is Day 2. We will have Music.

For homework this week, students are required to create an “All About Me” bag.

They need to fill a bag with 4 things they can use to tell the class about themselves. They may decorate the bag if they wish to do so.

For example, Ms. Albright’s bag contained the following items:

Headphones – because I love to listen to music and I’m always singing

Ballet pointe shoe – I have been dancing for over 12 years and it is something very important to me. Being a dancer is something I have worked hard for and am very proud of.

A seashell – my favorite place in the world is the beach and I have been going ever since I was born. It is somewhere that makes me calm and happy.

A stone made from Connemara Marble – Connemara marble is obtained from the Connemara Mountains in Ireland. I am Irish and super proud of my heritage and it is something I like to share with others. St. Patrick’s day is one of my favorite holidays and I try to attend the parade in New York City every year!


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