Living Wax Museum

Be on the look out for a paper coming home today in your children’s folders with details on our Black History Month project: a living wax museum! The letter explains how your children have chosen African American heroes they will research throughout the month at school and at home. At the end of February we will complete our project by having the students type up a biography and actually become these heroes! They will dress up like them and perform at an actual LIVING WAX MUSEUM in our classroom where you will all be invited to come enjoy and celebrate their hard work! A copy of the letter is below!



New Reading Log!!

Welcome back parents! We have a new reading log for the rest of the year and I just wanted to explain how it works.

The top section will be completed as usual, with our students writing the name of books they read and for how long they read. Below that you will find a list of questions. 3 times a week, your child must choose a question to answer. By  the end of the week therefore, they need to have at least 3 questions completed on the back of the log. If they wish to complete more that is fine, but they need to have at least 3 done.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at


Multicultural Day Announcements!!

With Multicultural Night just around the corner, here are a few important guidelines that MUST be followed with no exceptions.


  1. Our Costume: Girls will wear black shoes, black tights, a black skirt (not too long because they are dancing, after all), and either a plain white, green or orange top. Please no designs, logos, or words.

Boys will wear black shoes, black pants, and either a plain white, green or orange top. Please no designs, logos, or words


  1. Dismissal after the show will ONLY BE FROM OUR CLASSROOMS. We have been given a sign out sheet that must be signed by a parent or guardian only. No siblings will be allowed to take your child from my classroom. You CANNOT take your child from the gym after our class has performed. They MUST return to my room with the rest of our class after the show is completed. Please understand this is a safety measure and ensures that the dismissal process runs as smoothly as possible.


  1. Tickets are being sent home with your child today. Each family is receiving 3 tickets to the LOWER SCHOOL PERFORMANCE. There are no tickets for the Upper School performance.


  1. If you have an older child performing in the Upper School performance, please let me know as soon as possible.


Science Test on Monday!!

Dear Parents,

Our first Science Test will be on Monday 11/7!!

To help our scientists prepare, they will be completing the Unit review in their books for homework tonight and tomorrow and will be bringing a study guide home over the weekend to help them prepare. Please make sure you go over these assignments with them to ensure they are comfortable with the material and can perform their best on Monday!

Dress Down Day

Tomorrow, Friday 10/28, will be a school wide dress down day! Send your child to school in:

  • harvest colors (red, brown, orange, yellow, etc.)
  • superhero wear! Dress like your favorite superhero!
  • the colors of Ireland (green, white, and orange)

Just as a note, this is not in celebration of Halloween. There are many members of our school community who do not celebrate this holiday, so it is important that we remember we are not dressing up or down as a Halloween celebration. Thank you for your consideration and participation!!!

Picture Day!

Picture Day will be next week on Monday 10/17!! Here are a few important announcements:

  1. Review the order form that was sent home today in your child’s folder. It describes the different photo packages you can order and lists their prices.
  2. Mark clearly what it is you would like to order on the envelope at the bottom of the flyer and send it in, sealed, to school.
  3. Only cash and money orders are accepted. NO CHECKS!!
  4. This is not a dress up picture day. The students are to come to school in full Dress Uniform (pants, polos, jumpers, cardigans, etc.) They should be neat and clean and ready to be photographed.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!